Friday, November 12, 2010

Ponglaang Kalasin: North-East (Esan) Melody (2252)

Really great tape of rollicking pong lang. Lots of cool instrumental Isan grooves here but it's the appearance of familiar classics like 500 MILES and YOU CHEA-IN HEART (Khun Hank!) that nudge things into an especially unique dimension. Both electric organ and wah guitar show up to add their energy. Music for the good times.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Festival Gong Keybar '98 "Sanggar Manggala Sami" (Aneka 1152)

Very nice collection of kebyar tracks from the Universitas Warmadewa's gamelan "Sanggar Manggala Sami", released as a result of their participation in the 1998 Bali Arts Festival. The lelambatan piece on side B is a favorite with it's exquisitely evolving long-form structure that's so characteristic of the repertoire.

Thai Classic Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

These two endearing cassettes were among the first tapes that I bought in Thailand way back when. Both volumes contain a number of excellent classical and traditional tunes, but note that the music does cut in suddenly at the beginning on several sides. I have very fond memories of playing these on my cheap walkman while walking around in southern Thailand, and, having had very little listening experience with any Thai music up until that point, really digging the new and strange sounds. Beautiful music.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Thai Orchestra: THO-RA-NEE-KAN-SAENG (T.106)

Thai museum aficionados may recognize the image that's on the cover of this tape. It comes from the Thai Human Imagery Museum. Located on the outskirts of Bangkok, this is THE place in Thailand to see uncanny fibreglass human replicas. The online caption for the scene depicted on the tape cover reads:

Slavery in Thailand existed as early as in the Ayuthaya Period. It was accepted as a way of life at all levels of society. Slaves were considered an asset of the master and classified into 7 categories, one category being babies born of slave parents. The old law stipulated that slaves could not gain their freedom until they paid their prices. If they fled for their freedom they would be executed.

I have no idea how the history of Thai slavery relates to the music on this tape (if directly at all) but after a number of listens I have to say that the overall vibe of sorrow and grief seems perfectly fitting. The instrumental title track that takes up all of side A is an epic in mournful form cycles. The B side is also all instrumental, containing a half-dozen tracks that further evoke the heavy feelings. I'd say "enjoy!" but it's not quite appropriate... so, here you go...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baleganjur: Blahpane Kaja Vol. 1 (Aneka 960)

Another excellent tape from Aneka record... spesial baleganjur by Blahpane Kaja. Some fantastically focused playing, hypnotic waves of reyongan, swirling sulings, and gong pulsations captured on this one. Great stuff.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Padma Kencana Vol. 4 "Tabuh Gede" (Aneka 569)

Here's a cool tape of sublime lelambatan performances courtesy of Padma Kencana. I have a good handful of other Padma Kencana tapes that I'll try to post in the future - almost all are quite topnotch.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thai Shadow Music (Golden TS-2051)/ Modified Thai Shadow Music (Golden TS-2052)

Some folks checking out this blog may already be familiar with Thai Shadow music from the "Shadow Music of Thailand" LP released a few years ago by the indefatigable Sublime Frequencies label. The press release for that particular record gives a nicely succinct description of what the "Thai Shadow Music" genre is all about:

SHADOW MUSIC was a broad term given to the Thai guitar pop movement of the 1960s and the groups that came out of it, all under the profound influence of early Western rock and roll. British instrumental wonders The Shadows (as in Cliff Richards & the Shadows) were the origin of the genre's title, also coined 'Wong Shadow' or early Thai 'String' music. Shadow records were often marketed as 'Thai Modernized Music' which it was in the truest sense. Traditional Thai melodies were given the Shadow treatment; incorporating rock, surf, a-go-go, exotica, soul, blues, Latin and other worldly styles of the times. Inventive compositions and instrumental genius meet the occasional odd vocal arrangement and the results range from plaintive guitar and organ-driven lullabies to full-blown electric garage folk-psychedelia!

I'm not sure how much redundancy/overlap there may be with the collection of instrumental tunes contained on these deeply great tapes and the Sublime Frequencies record (I don't own it) but I can't imagine that there's a whole lot. The only thing I know for sure is that the music here is like a warm super-satisfying infusion for the soul.

Update.. New Info from the comments. Thanks Peter!

the first album is a compilation of songs by johnny guitar & p.m. pocket music, and the second is entirely by the son of p.m.
here are the tracklists:

thai shadow music
01. p.m. pocket music - กระแต
02. p.m. pocket music - กลองยาว
03. p.m. pocket music - สร้อยแสงแดง
04. johnny guitar - ลาวดวงเดือน
05. p.m. pocket music - ไทรโยค
06. johnny guitar - สุพรรณหงษ์
07. johnny guitar - ลาวเจริญศรี
08. johnny guitar - สีนวล
09. johnny guitar - นางนาค
10. johnny guitar - มอญกละ
11. p.m. pocket music - พม่ารำขวาน
12. p.m. pocket music - ต้นบรเทศ
13. p.m. pocket music - ยะวา
14. p.m. pocket music - โสมส่องแสง
15. p.m. pocket music - แขกต่อยหม้อ
16. johnny guitar - ลาวกระทบไม้
17. johnny guitar - ลาวเสี่ยงเทียน
18. johnny guitar - ลาวคำหอม
19. p.m. pocket music - ซัดชาดรี
20. p.m. pocket music - มโนราห์บูชายันต์


modified thai shadow music
1. son of p.m. - เพลงอวยพร
2. son of p.m. - กราวกีฬา
3. son of p.m. - พม่าเห่
4. son of p.m. - คลื่นกระทบฝั่ง
5. son of p.m. - เส่เหล่เมา
6. son of p.m. - แขกหนัง
7. son of p.m. - อิเหนา
8. son of p.m. - ลาวดำเนินทราย
9. son of p.m. - บุหงากาก๊ะ
10. son of p.m. - เพลงอาหรับ
11. son of p.m. - นกขมิ้น
12. son of p.m. - ลาวแพน
13. son of p.m. - เขมรโพธิสัตว์
14. son of p.m. - ม้าย่อง
15. son of p.m. - ลาวครวญ
16. son of p.m. - เห่เรือ
17. son of p.m. - คาวหัวใจ
18. son of p.m. - จันทร์โลม
19. son of p.m. - ฝั่งหัวใจ
20. son of p.m. - ลุ่มเจ้าพระยา

one the second tape, there are about 4 tracks extra on each side.. no idea what these are, so i left them off the tracklist

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Klenengan Gobjog BRD-037

Originally released in 1971 on the venerable Lokananta label, this LP of Javanese gamelan contains some truly beautiful music. The fidelity is often scratchy but the music is always present. Very much a classic record.

(Better link soon.. )

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indonesia - Java | Music of the Theatre

this post is dedicated to the victims of gunung merapi. rip.

Lovely recordings of Javanese gamalen with vocal accompaniment. Vividly captured in Yogyakarta, in 1970 and 1968 respectively.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Banleng Ponglang 3 (Four's 227)

Busy days here at BG hq so just some brief words for this wonderful Thai cassette...what you have are two side length hypnotic instrumental jams. The track that makes up the B side locks into a fantastic groove with atomic clock-like precision. Subtle nuances abound.

More info in comments...thanks Peter!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bali Set 16

Bali Set 16

Track 1. Dharma Astuti 13:20
Sekeha Gong Kumara Budaya, Denpasar
(Juara 1 Lomba Balaganjur 1989 - Maharani/Ricks Record Unnumbered)

Track 2. Widi Wirama 20:39
Sekeha Semara Ratih, Abian Semal-Badung
(Juara 1 Balaganjur Kab. Badung 95/96 - Maharani Unnumbered)

Track 3. Tabuh Gegilak 16:59
Sekeha Gong Giri Pramesti Suci, Tampaksiring-Gianyar
(Tabuh Tabuh Bebonangan Klasik - Bali Record 882)

Track 4. Tabuh Biya Kalang 28:02
Gong Gede Kembang Wangi, Petak - Gianyar
(Gong Gede Kembang Wangi Volume 4 - Aneka 1212)
Get the full cassette here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bali Set 15

Bali Set 15

Track 1. Satya Barasta 15:09
STSI-I Nym. Pasek SSkar, Denpasar
(Tari Kreasi Baru STSI: Vol. 17 - Aneka 843)

Track 2. Pancok Saang 14:14
Sekeha Gong Darma Kesuma-I Nym. Cerita, Duta Kab.-Gianyar
(Juari 1 Festival Gong Kebyar '93 Kab. Gianyar - Aneka 885)

Track 3. Swara Jaya 9:52
Gong Mradangga Sandhi-Wy. Suweca SSkar, Sanur
(Seleksi Kreasi Gong Empat Kabupaten Terbaik - Bali Record 703)

Track 4. Kuntul Angelayang 9:13
Gong Banda Sawitra, Kedis-Singaraja
(Tabuh Gong Kedis-Singaraja "Teruna Jaya" - Aneka 296)

Track 5. Gora Mardawa 15:10
Sekeha Gong Candra Metu-I Nym. Windha SSkar, Denjalan-Batubulan
(Festival Gong Kebyar '91 SE Bali "Gora Mardawa" - Aneka 859)

Track 6. Tabuh Kreasi Kembang Swasti 14:56
Sekeha Gong Yaswanta Kumara-DRS, A.A. Gede Tresna, Kediri-Tabanan
(Kreasi Gong Kebyar Pilihan Terbaik Vol. 14 - Bali Record 923)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bali Set 14

Bali Set 14

Track 1. Cilinaya 7:58
ASTI-Penangung Jawab Dr. I Made Bandem, Denpasar
(Tari Kreasi Baru ASTI "Yuda Pati, Cilinaya" Vol. 11 - Aneka 711)

Track 2. Redaya Bimbang 8:19
STSI-AA Semara Jaya, I Wayan Budiarta, P.Jawab Dr. I Made Bandem, Denpasar
(Kreasi Baru Gong Kebyar Vol. 16 - Bali Record 767)

Track 3. Jengah Erang 17:08
Sekeha Gong Eka Dharma Putra-I Komang Sukarya SSn, Klungkung
(Kreasi Gong Kebyar Pilihan Terbaik '98 Vol. 18 - Bali Record 1007)

Track 4. Jagra Parwata 16:02
Sekeha Gong Merdangga Giri Kusuma-I Nym Windha SSkar, Buleleng
(Kreasi Pilihan Khusus Karya: I Nym Windha SSkar - Bali Record 834)

Track 5. Pragmen Tari 'Wisnu Bhisama' 28:48
Kru Gong Kebyar 'Barak Panji Budaya', Buleleng
(Festival Gong Kebyar Tahun 2002 'Nila Saroya' - Bali Record 1091)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bali Set 13

Bali Set 13

Track 1. Kreasi Baru Eka Cita 10:26
Sekeha Gong Semara Sandhi-Nyoman Winda SS KAR, Sengguan-Gianyar
(Festival Gong Kebyar 1988 Vol. 2 - Maharani/Ricks Record Unnumbered)

Track 2. Danu Raja 14:52
Sekeha Gong Sekar Buana Sari-I Komang Sukarya SSn., Klungkung
(Festival Gong Kebyar Tahun 2000 - Bali Record 1049)

Track 3. Tabuh Kreasi Kulkul Bulus Di Pekenan Pejeng 14:15
Sekeha Gong Genta Buana Sari-I Made Sue, Peliatan-Gianyar
(Kreasi Gong Kebyar Pilihan Terbaik '99 Vol. 19 - Bali Record 1023)

Track 4. Utara Giri 12:41
Sanggar Manggala Sami-I Kt. Gd. Asnawa MA., Universitas Warmadewa Denpasar
(Festival Gong Kebyar '98 - Aneka 1152)
Get the full cassette here.

Track 5. Nistaning Jiwa 9:54
STSI-I Nyoman Sudana, I Wayan Suamba, P.Jawab Dr. I Made Bandem, Denpasar
(Kreasi Baru Gong Kebyar Vol. 16 - Bali Record 767)

Track 6. Ginggong 15:51
Sekeha Gong Langun Giri Suara-I Gst. Ngurah Sueka SST, Karangasem
(Festival Gong Kebyar 2002 - Bali Record 1086)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bali Set 12

Bali Set 12

Track 1. Bapang Selisir 3:44
ASTI/STSI-Penangung Jawab Dr. I Made Bandem, Denpasar
(Legong*Baris*Oleg ASTI/STSI Vol. 9 - Aneka 605)

Track 2. Kosalya Arini 10:02
STSI-Penangung Jawab Dr. I Made Bandem, Denpasar 
(Tari Lepas Kreasi Baru Vol. 2 “Manuk Rawar” - Bali Record 601)

Track 3. Tabuh Gari 16:17
STSI-Penangung Jawab Dr. I Made Bandem, Denpasar
(Gong Lelambatan STSI - Bali Record 609)
Get the full cassette here.

Track 4. Tari Gopala 9:36
SMKI-Penangung Jawab I Gst. Ngr Suspartha, Denpasar
(Tari Kreasi Baru "Kidang Kencana" SMKI Bali Vol.3 - Bali Record 611)

Track 5. Nit Yeng Semaya 11:58
ASTI-Penangung Jawab Dr. I Made Bandem, Denpasar
(Tari Kreasi Baru ASTI "Yuda Pati, Cilinaya" Vol. 11 - Aneka 711)

Track 6. Tari Puspanjali 5:36
STSI-Penangung Jawab Dr. I Made Bandem, Denpasar
(Tari Kreasi Baru STSI "Ciwa Nata Raja" - Bali Record 899)

Track 7. Chandra Baskara 13:55
Sekeha Gong Chandra Metu, Batubulan-Gianyar
(Festival Gong Kebyar SE-Bali 1998 "Chandra Baskara" - Bali Record 1005)

Track 8. Wirayuda 7:18
ASTI-Penangung Jawab Dr. I Made Bandem, Denpasar
(Koleksi Tari Indah "Manuk Rawa-ASTI/Kidang Kencana-KOKAR" - Aneka 607)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bali Set 11

Bali Set 11

Track 1. Unknown Joged Bumbung Piece 7:37
Tirta Sari, Peliatan-Ubud 
(Gong Semar Pegulingan Tirta Sari "Witning Semara" Vol. 3 - Aneka 1135) 

Track 2. Piring Kencana 22:57
Dharma Winangun, Anturan-Singaraja
(Joged Bumbung "Joged Anturan" Vol. 1 - Aneka 1199)

Track 3. Selopog 13:17
ASTI-Penangung Jawab Dr. I Made Bandem, Denpasar
(Tabuh Gong ASTI Vol. 2 - Aneka 547)

Track 4. Gita Winangun & Koor 14:26
STSI-Penangung Jawab Dr. I Made Bandem, Denpasar
(Gong Lelambatan STSI - Bali Record 609)
Get the full cassette here.

Track 5. Supraba Duta 21:26
Gong STT, Eka Cita-Badung
(Festival Gong Kebyar '90 Bali: Kab. Badung Vol. 2 - Aneka 824)

Bali Set 10

Bali Set 10

Track 1. Tabuh Tarungtungan I 9:00
Seni Jegog, Kusumasari
(Seni Jegog Kusumasaei Vol. 1 - Bali Record 692)

Track 2. Gilak 4:50
Sekehe Joged Suar Agung, Jembrana
(The Exotic Sounds of Joged Bumbung - Maharani Unnumbered)

Track 3. Pengungkab Sabda 8:55
Sekehe Joged Suar Agung, Jembrana
(The Exotic Sounds of Joged Bumbung - Maharani Unnumbered)

Track 4. Unknown Joged Piece 12:09
Padma Sari, Sanur
(Joged Bumbung "Padma Sari" - Bali Record 191)

Track 5. Gegilakan Sarwat Anut 3:03
Sanggar Adhi Sentana, Batu Bulan-Gianyar
(Joged Bumbung vol. 4 - Bali Record 1017)

Track 6. Manis Manesin 6:12
Dharma Winangun, Anturan-Singaraja
(Joged Bumbung: Joged Anturan Vol. 1 - Aneka 1199) 

Track 7. Cendrawasih 18:18
Joged Bumbung "Tunas Mekar", Celuk Buluh-Singaraja
(Joged Bumbung Tunas Mekar Vol. 1 "Kembang Sari" - Aneka 1154)

Track 8. Unknown Jegog Piece 17:05
Unknown Jegog Ensemble
(The Best of Gamelan Bali: Spesial Selection Part 2 - Aneka 010)