Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baleganjur: Blahpane Kaja Vol. 1 (Aneka 960)

Another excellent tape from Aneka record... spesial baleganjur by Blahpane Kaja. Some fantastically focused playing, hypnotic waves of reyongan, swirling sulings, and gong pulsations captured on this one. Great stuff.


Anonymous said...

thank youuuuuu!!

(any chance of putting up this tape from bali set 3 -> (Gong Dewa Yadnya Padma Kencana: Vol. 18 - Aneka 1226)

matt said...

hey, you're welcome!

here's Aneka 1226: original cassette is stored somewhere far away from me right now, so i'm unable to scan the cover...i'll do a proper post later. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

thank you!!!

relefunt said...

Thanks for posting these amazing tapes!

Thanks also for using mediafire, which is very easy to use.

mmatt said...

thanks for the connection to this beauty!