Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bali Set 16

Bali Set 16

Track 1. Dharma Astuti 13:20
Sekeha Gong Kumara Budaya, Denpasar
(Juara 1 Lomba Balaganjur 1989 - Maharani/Ricks Record Unnumbered)

Track 2. Widi Wirama 20:39
Sekeha Semara Ratih, Abian Semal-Badung
(Juara 1 Balaganjur Kab. Badung 95/96 - Maharani Unnumbered)

Track 3. Tabuh Gegilak 16:59
Sekeha Gong Giri Pramesti Suci, Tampaksiring-Gianyar
(Tabuh Tabuh Bebonangan Klasik - Bali Record 882)

Track 4. Tabuh Biya Kalang 28:02
Gong Gede Kembang Wangi, Petak - Gianyar
(Gong Gede Kembang Wangi Volume 4 - Aneka 1212)
Get the full cassette here.


lemmycaution said...

16x thanks!
i haven't had time to consume these sets but it appears to be a seminal collection

matt said...

hey lemmy, you're welcome. and thank you! for grabbing these sets and the supportive comment.
it's a major joy sharing the music....however, gamelan overload is a legit condition (i know i've been there) so best take care with the listening lest you fully succumb to the power of the mighty gong;-)

fred davis said...

Absolutely amazing, thank you for compiling and posting these! Half way through listening to the third set and trying not to rush it.

matt said...

cheers fred! thanks for listening! i'm hopelessly biased, but that 3rd set's a goodie

fred davis said...

Especially track 4. I know what you mean by overload. For my four years of college my studio was situated directly across the hall from the gamelan room and also the african ensemble room. Polyrhythmic to say the least.

Janas said...

This is a fantastic CD set, awesome collection! Thanks a lot, you are very generous.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Matt

I have problem to download the set 16.

Mediafire message:
No servers are currently online with the requested file on it. (-22)

Please, help me

Thank you


matt said...

hi monique, i've reposted the works ok here. please let me know if there's still a problem.

Monique said...

Thanks a lot, Matt. Now all works fine.