Monday, April 27, 2009

Thai Classical Music (URT 2004)

More cool classical Thai music, and a good follow up to this post.  Really beautiful unraveling instrumental compositions with tumbling harmonic orbits and cosmic form cycles. 


Anonymous said...

I keep getting an archive damaged message when I try to open this one ...can you re-post?


matt said...

hey Haji Maji! I've re-posted - let me know how it goes. dear thanks btw for the kind words in the other comment! your blog is a total inspiration. three cheers for scratchy old chinese music!

Anonymous said...

Got it, cheers!

Mr Y said...

Thanks very much for this, was looking for some background music for a Thai dinner and this hit the spot. Now that I know the high quality of this recording, I'll be listening to it much more than while dining.