Monday, April 20, 2009

Langendriyan - Music Of Mangkunegaran Solo II

Gorgeous, wonderfully recorded out of print album of classical Javanese gamelan performing music for the langendriyan court dance. Also a follow up to this.

Langendriyan - Music Of Mangkunegaran Solo II


vaubu said...

The missing piece! Thank you Matt. I might post a link to your post of the first recording in this series. I posted the third in the series months ago. King Records, especially this series from Java, offers some records of remarkable clarity.

JS said...

Thank you so much for this! I downloaded the music, as I just heard about this artform. Do you happen to have pdf versions of the artwork and the CD booklet? i have a Mac, and I'm not sure how to convert these Unix executable files into something I can view/read.

semuthitampemenang said...

Great....!!!!remind me about menakjingga and damarwulan, rebon, latihan pakarti, mangkunegaran performing arts, pendhapa prangwedanan, bu umi and pak hartono....:)