Monday, April 13, 2009

Kreasi Beleganjur (B 720)

More baleganjur - though with the trendy alternate spelling. Same difference. All throughout this totally great tape Seka Gong Kalingga Jaya play from the heart, with the spoon-bending focus and indefatigable stamina required for the style. Additionally there are several pieces where Balinese Agama Hindu incantations are performed - I'm not sure what the proper name is to describe these - Kidung maybe? It's a profound and heavy sound that brings a quality of strong reverence to the music, and probably not heard much at all outside of the context of a Balinese religious ceremony.


psb said...

hi, great blog! have some of these same cassettes from my time in indonesia.

looks like Balenganjur VOL 2
AND Tenganan files are dead links on mediafire.

I'll try them again but they are coming up missing.


Passikon said...

First part of side 2 of this tape really sounds like a dark electro jungle track!
maybe because of the omnipresent "triton accord", the up tempo drumming and the cycles that remain samples!?