Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Music Of Mangkunegaran Solo I

Phenomenal Japanese produced out-of-print gamelan recording documenting music from the Istana Mangkunegaran - the Royal family from the north of Solo.
Truly cosmic music if there ever was any.


Unknown said...

Hi Brian,

thanks for this blog! I am also an avid fan of music from this region, strangely enough, I am actually from South East Asia but only really got into music from there after I left the region. Please contact me and check out a mailing list I organize on 'outsiders' music - (look under outsiders collective)


matt said...

Hi Marc,
Thanks for the comment and checking things out - I'll certainly take a look at your mailing list.

vaubu said...

Hi Matt,

I was blown away by your wonderful blog this morning. You started this up right when things got busy for me so I hadn't seen it until just now. I linked this particular post to my blog today. Cheers, Myles

Bomshelter Slim said...

While I'm certainly no expert, I've long been a fan of Indonesian music (especially that of Java and Sunda), this is just great!!

Anonymous said...

nice. nice. nice.
thanks for this one, its special