Monday, May 25, 2009

Thai Classical Music (TS-2027)

Fantastic tape of classical Thai music. Dig the cool court dancer profile, font mix, and glowing sunset artwork. Lovely.


peter said...

thanks as always!
one of the compositions on here "daothong" (side 1, track 8) was also featured at excavated shellac, on an old parlophon 78rpm recording! here is a link to the entry, but unfortunately the mp3 link is dead. if you're interested i could upload it somewhere!

matt said...

hey peter,
if it's not much trouble, i would love to hear that old recording. great article on excavated shellac - fascinating history. thank you!

there's a handful of classic compositions (not just thai, but gamelan too) that i have different recorded versions of, each varying quite a bit. maybe i'll get 'em together for some posts. that would be a fun, interesting project!

peter said...

no problem at all, here it is!
that sounds like an interesting idea, as well!

matt said...

thanks peter! good stuff!

vaubu said...

Thank You Matt!