Monday, May 25, 2009

Pilihan Khusus: Tabuh Lelambatan Vol. 9 (B.962)

In Bali there's a ceremonial repertoire for gamelan called Lelambatan (literally: slow music), the primary purpose of which is for entertaining visiting deities at the temple. Intensifying with an uncanny grace, the super-refined complex structure of a lelambatan composition reveals itself in an almost organic way; articulating a sense of harmony between the human world and the greater celestial dimension. This exquisitely balanced sentiment also works to guide the mortal listener's mind towards the idea of a cosmos beyond while, simultaneously, defining their place relative to it. Yes, it's music for the Gods - but people get something too!

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Passikon said...

bagus bagus!
I enjoy a lot of your posts in balinese music. Some years ago those musics were so hard to find! (excepted in Indonesian restaurant sure)
It's now 15 years i'm interested in Indonesian music especially Sunda traditional, Jaïpongan and Balinese gamelan
Few tapes i brought back from there in 1993 are now too much blowy to post it and not as interesting as things to find here! thanks a lot!


Don't you know if there exists some works with synthesizers playing compositions for gamelan?