Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thai/Indian Tape - Hell

I purchased this tape in Bangkok at one of those stores that caters to the monastic crowd. I wonder if it was ever a big seller? The music's Indian, but, with the vibe suiting the artwork, it's obviously not bollywood fun time. To be honest, I don't know if "hell" is really the most accurate descriptor for this, but I'm going with it - seems apt enough. Note: there's only one 21 min song being that the same track appears on both sides of the tape.

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peter said...

despite the intimidating imagery (which you are right is definitely thai buddhist hell.. more info here) this seems to be a pretty normal 'mantra' on the 3 gems of buddhism.. maybe the cover's just to remind you what happens if you neglect to hum along!
as for the indian origin, i think since most sacred texts are in pali, a number of temples go for any tunes in an indian language that sound suitable reverential, heh