Friday, April 10, 2009

Musiques de l'Asie Traditionnelle: Vol. 13 - Malaisie

Most of the tracks on this French produced comp are excellent, offering up a very nice musical sampling of Malaysia's diverse cultural and ethnic makeup. It's no small feat assembling a collection that attempts to cover such a broad spectrum of music - however, what really makes this record superlative imho is the Sabah and Sarawak tunes that wrap up the B side. The funky, tumbling rhythms these guys play on their gongs out there in the Borneo jungle totally delivers the cool, intense vibe you'd expect. It's a minor bummer that the tracks aren't longer - brevity does not behoove this kind of music.


peter said...

wow this is realy fantastic.. i've heard so little folk music from malysia, and the selections on here are amazing! only one thing, i think that the .rar may be missing track 5, and you can never have too much "percussion & gongs"! thanks!

matt said...

hey peter! You're correct - track 5 is indeed missing, and it's a cool track too! thanks for letting me know. my apologies - i'll tidy things up.