Friday, June 26, 2009

Angklung Balaganjur "Adi Merdangga" (Maharani/Rick's Records)

Here's a slightly manic recording of a Balinese angklung balaganjur hybrid style. I always feel a little wobbly after a few minutes of listening to this one. I think it's the sulings. Your mileage may vary. Nice deluxe fold out cassette packaging from the Maharani/Rick's Records label.


moos said...

dear Brain Goreng,
Ilike your blog, not many blogs bring the music you do.
I am hoping you can help me find something.
On one of my Indonesia travels I met a girl from Java. She intoduced me to a style from Java that many youngsters like. I brought jome a cassette but lost it somehow and I can't seem to remember the name of that nice style.
It had Arabic influence, that much I remember.
Can you tell me some names of Javanese musicstyles? I might remember if I se it.
Either way, thank you for your effort.

Moos said...

I found it out myself, hi hi.
I hope you can deliver some good 'Dangdut'.
I know there's a lot of commercial rubbish, but some are really nice.
thank you in advance.

matt said...

hi moos,
thanks for taking a look around here. unfortunately i don't have much dangdut at all - a bit of a deficit i admit. if you haven't already, definitely check out madrotter's cool indo music blog - he's based in bandung, w. java - dangdut central. best of luck with the search!

Anonymous said...

pls re-upload the file, i need to download