Monday, May 4, 2009

Angklung Reong (B 454)

More music from Western Bali - this time from the Kaliakah village, home of the harsh "Makepung" buffalo race. However they treat their livestock there, I won't hold it against the cool music on this tape - a meditative soundtrack for mortality and creation.


Anonymous said...

thanks for all your lovely shares!! it's a real treat to be able to listen to all those different cassettes from indonesia and thailand.


jr said...

One of my favorites on this site, so far. Mesmerizing.

vaubu said...

Hi Matt,

I posted music that was also recorded for ceremonies around buffalo played on bamboo instruments. I may be incorrect but it seems that both musics are formed in similar ways.

The whips with nails embedded in them sounds horrible. I can understand the recognition that healing from a puncture happens more quickly than the detrimental wounds from being pounded by a stick but with that kind of concern it's ironic that the lacerations made from the nails are tolerated.